Seasmoss Shampoo Heal and Repair “Everything Irie”
Calypso Curls

Seasmoss Shampoo Heal and Repair “Everything Irie”

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Experience the ultimate hair healing and repair with Calypso Curls “Everything Irie” Seamoss Shampoo. This invigorating shampoo strengthens hair and soothes the scalp, leaving a refreshing minty sensation. Seamoss, packed with nutrients, works wonders on all hair textures. Can be used on those who carry locs, twists, or curls. 

For maximum results, pair it with the pompasetting conditioner! Everything Irie shampoo also helps treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis & dandruff and aids in soothing a dry or itchy scalp.

Main Ingredients: Seamoss gel, peppermint oil, avocoado oil, natural perservatives

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