Creamy Crack - A Spoken Word Poem by Anaiya

Title: Creamy Crack


Put your fist up

and put down

that creamy crack

They call it creamy crack because it is addictive

A chemical that keeps you coming back

slicked onto your new growth to alter its naturally curly state in order to make it “normally straight”


Let me tell you there ain’t nothing normal about this process



Put down that creamy crack

You keep going back for another fix

To try and fix but

Sis you ain’t gotta to fix what was never broken

They made you a slave in your own kitchen

Ain’t that something?

I thought we been stopped being slaves in the kitchen

You burned your naps at the nape of your neck to get that “fineee” sleek look

Mixed the lies in a bowl

Placed the hot comb on the stove



and laid to the side



Ain’t it funny how

Just 4 Me was never for you

Because in order to get straight hair like that

you HAD to

change you like that

Fix you like that

Hate you like that

Question you like that

Forget you like that

But Sistah!

You was born with this natural hair so it’s always gonna be

For you

Like that



That relaxer done made you tense

After the chemicals seeped in

And your hair fell out

And the fibroids popped up

And your skin broke out

That relaxer done made you mad

When the bald spots swooped in

And your edges bounced out

When the split ends got worst

And your hair shaft dried out

I guess the relaxer didn’t get the memo that when you tell a black girl to calm down it only makes things worse


Cuz Sistah!

Your kinks are supposed to fight against the heat

It’s natural defense mechanism

You coils are supposed to shrink up when the water hits it

it’s natural dance move

Your curls are supposed to defy gravity

It’s natural state

Your hair isn’t supposed to be compressed by weaves

And strangled by extensions

Holding in its magnetic charge

Did I mention

It’s food is the sun

Our strands they connect us to nature around us



you Broke off your own hair and now you

say you need ah

Glue in

and a

Sew in

Anything you can find to keep on

Fitting in

Remain hidden


for what?

To feel temporarily wanted

temporarily beautiful

temporarily enough


You always were enough

Now you say this natural thing ain’t for you

Then sistah tell me... who is it for?


Sistah I know our natural beauty hasn’t been represented as much as it should be

We saw Barbie


And Miley

Before we saw






we are getting there



Please believe when I tell you

that young kings and queens are getting suspended from school

men and women are getting denied from jobs

Sisters and brothers are facing discrimination

Whites people are still touching without our permission

People are still saying the word nappy in a negative way

People are still saying that they hate themselves


Sistah! When will you realize that it’s deeper than hair

Stop saying you don’t have the time

Stop saying you don’t know what to do

Stop saying you’ve had enough

Stop saying it’s not your thing

Stop saying your hair isn’t good

Stop comparing yourself to these celebrities

Stop buying other people’s hair



stop big chopping when you are angry

Stop big chopping when you are frustrated

Stop big chopping when you are lost

Stop big chopping when you hate it



Start with the creator

Start with healing

Start with love

Start with patience

Start with acceptance

Start with embracing

Start with learning

Cus when you put that love in, your hair reflects that

Hair is just your

Inner beauty



And Sistahs

Lets heal

Let’s Remove these dark thoughts

that we must be someone more than who we already are

They literally made you set your scalp on fire to feel cool

In order to feel accepted

But Sistah!

Don’t you remember the 70’s and 80’s

When our fros were


reflected our identity,

And liberty

When in the 90s we were rocking

Bantu knots, box braids, and pixies


Comone Sistah!

Let’s go back to our natural roots

Put your fist up and

put down the creamy crack

We got some work to do


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