What does your hair need and when?

Question of the day: What does your hair need and when? ⠀

I personally learned that my hair needs to be washed, properly moisturized, balanced with protein, trimmed in a timely manner, detangled thoroughly, and showered in love + attention. I have a specific routine that I created for myself that helps me keep track of when and I how often I do these things. 

When you figure out what your hair needs the journey of taking care of it become super easy and sometimes even therapeautic! 

I'm not a professional, but I do consider myself to be a expert on MY HAIR. Take the time to figure out what your hair needs. Start by learning about your hair porosity and hair texture. Is it dry? Is it breaking? Are products not getting into your hair? Ask yourself more questions like these and you will start to find solutions. Then you can start to focus more on styles that fit the look you want for yourself!


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